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Monday, February 28, 2005


As I watched the news this weekend, I thought I might like to say something about the BTK killer being arrested in Kansas. To be honest, I’m not sure where to begin wrapping my head around something like that. It’s just too big, too horrible, too sad.
I’ll say that I cannot imagine what the families of his victims have gone through, and I’m glad for their sake that he is off the streets. I hope they can find some sort of peace in knowing that others will not have to fear him. I hope the dead rest a bit easier.
I’m sure much will be made of the fact that the killer was a Boy Scout leader and a leader in his church. I’m not sure it is of any value other than to note that this man either had an exceptionally duplicitous nature or he was simply much better at fooling people than most.
I’ll keep this short and close by saying that our prayers will be with the families of the victims, and the family and neighbors of the killer, who must also feel a sense of confusion and betrayal beyond understanding.


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