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Friday, April 22, 2005

Round Up

I've discovered some wonderful writers during my short time in the blogosphere (is it really a sphere?). These are just a few things I'd like to pass along:

bad christian's "Things that piss me off about christians, vol. 1" - short, but sweet click here

Churchgal - proving that God can send us a message anytime we open ourselves to it - click here

Faithful Progressive - who reminds me I'm not the only liberal Christian struggling through the swamp of American politics click here

The Grace Pages - because he put into words what I've struggled with myself for so long click here

I am a Christian Too - because I forgot to mention Pastor Dan's affirmation project and this guy has the courage to broadcast his personal statement - click here

LA Mom - because she sounds like someone I'd like to share a cup of coffee with and because I do believe that our disagreement on one issue shouldn't separate us totally click here

Progressive Protestant - because with all the heavy stuff, it's nice to see a cuddly picture of a kitty every Friday click here

The Reverend Mommy - for posting "The Voice of Thomas" on my birthday, and I have always held myself to be somewhat like the Doubting Apostle click here

Reverend Mother - who, in her first posted "sermon" showed that she is right where she needs to be click here

Thy Grace is Sufficient - for his response to Derek (scroll down for a good read) click here

If your name isn't up here, don't worry. These are just a few that have caught my eye over the last month or so.

God bless each of you. Thank you for allowing me to add my voice to your chorus, even if I'm singing my own tune.



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