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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Catching Up, Looking Around

Since it took me so long to deal with the taxation issue, I have not mentioned several things that happened over the last week or so.

One thing is that I officially accepted the position of state organizer for the Christian Alliance for Progress. Unfortunately, the job does not come with a paycheck. Maybe some day.

In a related matter, the Reverend Jerry Falwell warned his followers against the "hardly Christian" Alliance. This prompted a response by Father Jake - and also quite a number of other people responding to him. Read the letter, then send the Christian Alliance your response to Rev. Falwell.

On that note - any readers in New Jersey that are interested in helping to build a liberal left through the Christian Alliance should contact me via email at

Another thing that happened is that I was able to participate in a conference call with Senator Jon Corzine. Professor Kim gives a wonderful wrap-up here. No sooner did she speak (blog), than Enlighten NJ and Dynamobuzz began to question it. Professor Kim answered them. Jorgey put in his opinions on the matter. Mr. Snitch, of course, has to weigh-in as well and cast a stone my way while doing it. I doubt Snitch will ever stop. He thinks I'm naive and misguided. I think he is cynical, condescending, and misguided. Several times, I've offered to meet him and allow him to school me - so far he's never taken me up on it.

Snitch, of course, regularly supports political views and sometimes people. That's his right and I don't sling arrows at him for doing so. I may disagree as to the person or cause, but I still defend his right to do so. Apparently, this offends him.

Or maybe it is the Pay-to-Play issue here in New Jersey that bothers him. As you can see there is a lot of need for such efforts in New Jersey.

Anyway, those are the two big brouhahas in my life at the current time.


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