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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

This and That

It's late and I've been a bad blogger boy today - but I was a good husband and did some shopping, finished a significant section of my flooring project in the living room, and managed to pick up my wife at work on time. Yeah, there were a few things along the way that didn't quite get finished, but I'm not going to mention them.

Some updates of note for me - I have discontinued the "Roundin' Up the News" site. The traffic was low and the effort to put it out was high. Plus, I think having to register with half a dozen newspaper sites just turned people off. Instead, I'll work some of the more important stories into this blog like I did before I split it off. The much more popular "Ridin' Herd on the Blogosphere" will continue as I enjoy it greatly, it gets a decent amount of traffic and comments, and it's a good way to single out some of the better stuff on the blogs that don't get airplay on CNN's stupid little blog segment. I'll also continue with my political action project - Tammany on the Hudson - that chronicles all the proof anyone should need to uphold Hudson County New Jersey's claim to the most corrupt county in America.

For those of you who just can't get enough Xpatriated Texan - I'll also continue random posts at both Old Towne Review Chronicles and Come and Take It! I'll try and let you know when I get something up at either place.

A few noteworthy friends have blogs that are fairly new - stop by and make a comment and encourage them. Democracy works best when there are many voices crying for attention:
The Anti-Fascist looks at the incestuous relationship between business and government in America.

Ephemeral Stuff looks at random occurances that catch the author's eye.

Modern Iconoclast also takes a stab at American politics. This guy really knows what he's talking about when he takes up foreign relations with Latin America - and I'd like to see him do it more often, but I understand that he also has a life.

Frongsdong has become a frequent commenter here. See how easy it is to get noticed?

Greek Shadow is also a frequent commenter and holds the record for the most referred people to this blog. I don't know if it's just him or if others use his site as a portal, but either way I thank him.

On a personal note, I finally made personal contact with the first three members of the New Jersey Christian Alliance for Progress and we have a pretty good plan for getting our name out into the community. Anyone in New Jersey who is interested in helping create an alternate to the voice of the Religious Right can contact me directly. Those outside of New Jersey should visit the national website.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and comments.


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