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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This and That

Blogging friends Frogsdong and my non-relative Steve Hart have some interesting things to say about the peace rally this past weekend.

No More Apples has an attention-worthy note about Tom DeLay and the all-out attack on Ronnie Earle. I'd sure like to see one single Democrat stand up for Ronnie Earle. Even when things are going the right way for Dems, we can't seem to rally the troops. This should vindicate Chris Bell's ethics charges, though I'm sure there will still be a ton of Republicans saying that Mr. Bell just filed the charges out of sour grapes.

Daily Doormatt has some info about the NJ Governor's race, baseball, and a rally to stop Steve Lipski.

As for me, I have to compliment the FBI on a quick response. I notified them via email that I had received email spam containing child pornography. I think it took them about eighty-five seconds to call me for a follow up and ask me to pass along the email to National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Hopefully, whoever is responsible will be found and shot while resisting arrest.


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