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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oh, How the Mighty...

Apparently, loyalty is only something the Bush Administration understands when it is owed to them - as Rick Santorum is finding out. Doug Forrester should be paying attention, but anyone who is busy trying to ride the coattails of a lame-duck, unpopular Republican in a Democratic state may have just the sort of attention deficit disorder to allow him to deny reality - which is also a quality the Bush White House values highly.

Meanwhile, Scott McClellan continues to field questions on how far up the ladder the Security Leak problem goes. It doesn't help that his boss keeps lying through his teeth on the issue. See the above remark on denial of reality.

Now we learn that the man who searched high and low for the best Vice-President in the world and only found him in every mirror, Dick Cheney, has sabotaged American foreign policy without the President knowing it. See the above remark on denial of reality.

Harriet Miers may have to scrap the "strict constructionist" from her resume, since she apparently puts great stock in a portion of the Voting Rights Act that doesn't exist. See the above remark on denial of reality.

Meanwhile, Tom DeLay had a warrant issued for his arrest and showed up for booking in Houston. An interesting thought occurs to me - if DeLay is convicted, he could technically still run for Congress, but, as a convicted felon, he could not vote for himself. I guess DeLay has a price - and those who interweave their fates with his should pay accordingly. DeLay continues to say this is only politically motivated and he will be proven innocent. See above remark on denial of reality.

Pat Robertson proves the insincerity of his almost apology by continuing to target Hugo Chavez. See above remark on denial of reality.

Let's not forget Republivangelical mouthpiece Bill O-Reilly - who is now trying to rewrite history about the lack of WMD's. But then, Billy-boy is also concerned about The Dallas Morning News and a report that says he is a mean and nasty person. Good way to proven them wrong, Billy! See above remark on denial of reality.

Having serious problems with being on the wrong side of every issue, Jerry Kilgore has adopted standard lying tactics from the Republivangelical Party. Just to be clear - see this comment on the denial of reality.


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