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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What is a Public Voice?

When you think of a public voice for people of faith, who's the first person that comes to mind?

Is it a blogger? Is it a Jewish celebrant? Could it possibly be someone who abstains from public declarations of faith?

There are tons of bloggers out there who are adding their voices to an ongoing effort to provide much-needed balance for the Religious Right.

People like:
Real Live Preacher
The Shalom Center
Mainstream Baptist
Woodmoor Village
Reverend Mommy
Grateful Bear
Cross Left

Jesus' last prayer was that his followers know unity. He knew that if they went their separate ways that they would be overcome, swallowed up, destroyed. The world is no different now. It still hungers and thirsts and suffers. We are called to join in faith - and whosoever is not against me, the same shall be with me.

Join us at Progressive Faith BlogCon.



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