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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Progressive Faith Carnival

Progressive Faith Blog-Con 2006

Feminary has an eye on The Book of Daniel. CrossLeft does the same. So does Father Jake. The Corner joins the chorus.

Let's not forget the other controversy of visual art.

Via Negativa looks down a well and sees a book, a baby, and a physicist. What do you see?

The Christian Alliance for Progress chips away at the wall of separation between church and science (see how that physicist thing works for me?).

A Wayfarer's Journey deals with a crashed hard drive - we've all been there (at least I have).

Poor Mad Peter shares a beautiful secret place. Hoarded Ordinaries brings us along for her birthday.

Some thoughts on small churches via Boy in the Bands.

Eternal Peace takes on selfishness.

Woodmoor Village discusses mindful politics.

Epiphany is observed at Even the Devils Believe.

Children aren't the only ones being left behind. Is this the Bush plan for education?

LA Mom wonders what Jesus would say about weekend homes.

Is a war wound the same as a bush injury? Some people wouldn't know.

'Tis the season for the hajj.

So where do you suppose children and words come from?

Ever look behind you and see the future.

Hey, look into Toastmasters.

You don't want to have to go through customs.

ThinkBuddha is looking for a path.

Velveteen Rabbi looks at her top five.


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