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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Explanations and stuff

Regular readers (both of you) will have noticed a steep drop in the number of postings here. While no one has written and asked why, I've taken it upon myself to explain. Mostly to assuage my sense of guilt over being a slacker, but also to promote some other things I'm doing that prove I'm not really a slacker.

Gee, I've been studying politics too long.

First, as you've probably noticed, I've been really pushing the Progressive Faith Bloggers Conference and the associated Blog Carnival. There's a bit more going on behind the scenes as far as securing funding and getting input on scheduling and such. None of it takes up a huge amount of time, but five minutes here, ten minutes there, and before you know it the day is gone.

Another evolution of this blog has been that it has split, somewhat. Originally, I threw everything in here - which meant that I wrote about faith, national politics, Texas politics, New Jersey get the idea. No focus. When Juan invited me to move over to Blue Jersey, I was a bit skeptical - but it offered me a chance to focus this blog a bit more. I think blatantly ripped-off his idea (after discussing it a bit with him) and started Blue Texas. Both of them focus on state-level issues and they gave me a chance to focus things a bit more at this site.

My ongoing education on politics and political science led to the conclusion that there are plenty of what are called "single-issue" groups out there. The problem is that they don't interact. Liberal/Progressive politics has the appearance of an endless procession of interest group after interest group, with each one breeding their own fanatic activists who don't give a damn about anything else and are likely to eat their own arm if it hints at disagreeing the slightest bit. Somehow, I figured I could help bring them together - or at least put some of the things they are talking about in one place - so I also launched the American Progressive Populist Project. That site is worth wandering around a bit, I think. There are plenty of unfolding plans for it, but for now, I'll just let you browse.

In addition, I'm reworking a manuscript on estate taxation to submit for publication (I'll let you know which boring academic journal finally accepts - if they accept). Add to that teaching three classes at two colleges (plus a few hours of prep and grading per week).

I've also accepted a position blogging on midterm campaigns at Mid-term Madness. So we'll see how that goes.

Oh yeah, I also have a wife - who is kind and patient and doesn't understand why I have this bug up my butt for this stuff, but supports me nonetheless.

I believe this is what is called, "Living the Good Life".


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