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Friday, May 06, 2005

Riding Herd on the Blogosphere

Forgive the self-promotion, but I think everyone should read my most excellent posts on Old Town Review (here and hereon opening Medicare B for every American.

Dan Skinner reminds us to be careful who we choose to lead us because we might actually need them to take the lead.

Curt reminds us that soldiering can be an honorable profession, but not if approached from a bloodthirsty glee.

Bad Methodist provides another example of how language is being used like a cheap whore for political gain - this time by the left.

Sojourner's Truths (by way of Churchgal - who is a bit happy about a new job, too) brings up the spectre of Mark Twain to use both wit and morality to examine our past and our present.

LA Mom clears up a bit of what Cinco de Mayo means (and it isn't beer and brisket - someone tell Karl).

With more evidence of how the right gets preferential treatment by the MSM (mainstream media - that's how the Anti-Biblical Religious Right refers to it) here and many thanks to Motherlode at No More Apples for the heads-up.

Steve talks to us openly about the fallout of a politicized and ostracized church. He also asks for prayers for a cancer stricken friend here and he's got them from me. Check out the link to Wittingshire who pauses to explore the things we say to children and why they become so precious to us when they break our hearts by repeating what we've taught them.

Velveteen Rabbi reminds us of the hipocracy we so blithely speak of when we say, "We can never let this happen again." One of the reasons for memorials is to remind us, not only of those who have passed away, but of our obligations to those who continue to suffer. Shalom.

Also, Majikthise for finding yet another way that the best of the past continues to inspire us to greatness today. It's also nice to find someone offering a defense of being a generalist.

This from Charles Kuff to show that, even while cheerleaders can no longer hump the floor in Texas, they can still play "Louie Louie". Who says school in Texas is only about football? (I do.)

And this makes the list because I've never heard about a wedding being held on the floor of a state legislature, much less one that was simulataneously mourning the death of one of its members.


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