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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Once Upon A Time In New Jersey

If you missed the Great Debate, then you missed seeing the Doug Forrester plan-of-action. His answer for everything - from lower taxes to his greatest regret in life - was "The people Jon Corzine supported in Trenton were bad. That means he's bad. That's why you should vote for me." By contrast, Corzine actually answered the questions that were asked. The two "independent" (read: sacrificial) candidates added some humor for me personally, as they proved once again why a two-party system is the only thing that will work in this country.

It's just one way that Doug is trying to mimic his hero - George W. Bush. One thing that is good for Doug - his poll numbers are better that George W. Bush's (at least for now - and of course Bush was very popular BEFORE the election). Of course, you have to be willing to stoop to any slime level (pass along link to Frogsdong for bringing it to my attention) to keep up with Georgie-boy.

The problem is that Dough's property tax proposal isn't doing anything for his popularity. Apparently, New Jersey voters don't believe his something-for-nothing promises.



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