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Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Letter Goes Unheeded

Yesterday, I posted about a decent blogger who has surrendered his ethics. Nor have I been the only one to notice this latestethicallapse. Of course, I have no idea if the blogger in question ever casts an eye my way (or any of the other liberal bloggers who have caught his ethical lapse), but it is clear that my pleas have not been heeded (in the case they were heard).

Enlighten continues the typical Republican slime attack by posting a link to this New York Times article and then pulling a quote way out of context. Does he think that no one actually follows the link and finds the exact place he quotes from?

After quoting a gossip collumnist whose best source was an embittered ex-wife, Enlighten tries to spin the NYT article into a warning about Jon Corzine's sex life. It isn't. Here is the preceding paragraph that Enlighten neglects to mention:

Early this year, polls showed that he was the most popular politician in the state. Then, in August, published reports revealed his $470,000 gift to Ms. Katz, unnerving Democrats and giving Republicans campaign fodder. Mr. Corzine explained during a series of testy news conferences that his relationship with Ms. Katz had ended and would not affect his policy decisions.

Then this paragraph cut out by Enlighten:

But in a state where the previous governor, James E. McGreevey, resigned amid a sex scandal, the incident has set off speculation about his personal life. Mr. Corzine said that voters can rest assured that nothing will emerge to affect his ability to serve as governor.

Then there is the following paragraph:

"My private life won't impinge on any public duties," he said.

The candidate also said that he would not surrender his principles and, if the struggles in Trenton were to leave him too weak to seek a second term as governor, he would accept the consequences.

The fact is that Enlighten has not posted anything of substance on the Governor's race in quite some time. Perhaps he is just following the lead of his candidate. Forrester is pulling cheap stunts - and so are the people that back him.


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