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Friday, October 21, 2005


Jon Corzine has done it again!. He's gone and said he'll do the right thing when he's elected governor. I'm sure that will make all kinds of Republicans mad.

This time, Corzine is saying that the state should live up to its responsibilities and fully fund its pension fund. There's only a shortfall of $35 Billion - which didn't just happen to get there because Jim McGreevey was getting some hot man-love with Golan Cipel. It's a long term problem that both Democrats and Republicans have ignored. Of course, we are only moments away from hearing Dough Forrester say, The corruption in Trenton supported by the friends of Jon Corzine..." But then, that's what we've come to expect from the National Republican Party - a big thanks to Dough for bringing that particular brand of corruption (as in "a wound that seeps with puss") to New Jersey.

Another thing that will make Republicans mad - Corzine's lead in the polls remains fairly steady. It's either nine or seven percent - take your pick. Understand, though, that everytime you see Corzine's lead narrow, it's because pollsters interview fewer people. In statistical terms, that means that they are increasing their potential error. The NYT margin of error is 3% and the Monmouth margin of error is 5%. So, the NYT is saying that Corzine should win by at least six percent, but maybe as much as twelve percent. Monmouth is saying that it could be as little as two percent, but may be as much as thirteen percent.

See yesterdays remarks about reality.



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