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Monday, November 07, 2005

An Unanswered Letter

Last week, I posted An Open Letter to a Republican New Jersey Blogger. I asked, very simply, for an answer to unfounded allegations against Jon Corzine. The Letter has gone unanswered. Well, not exactly.

It was answered by continuing the slime.

Enlighten NJ continues to spread unfounded rumors. The reason is simple - major media is now treating this crap as news.

However, Enlighten has a different agenda. It's one thing to report what's being printed or broadcast in the news media - it's another to make comments like this one:

A scandal breaks, Jon Corzine denies it and then the truth comes out. Has there been one allegation about Corzine that in the end hasn’t proven to be accurate? We can’t think of one.

Right. Except that Enlighten spent a whole week making accusations that don't have a scrap of evidence to support them (see my Open Letter, if you're interested).

I was pleased to see Doug Forrester state on Channel 7 news that this sort of thing would not be tolerated. Then, like everything else Doug Forrester has said, he changed his mind. In fact, the news broadcast where he said personal lives were off limits was interrupted by his own commercial attacking Jon Corzine's personal life.

MyDD and DailyKos (and blogger Juan Melli has some interesting connections to make concerning Enlighten and the Forrester camp. Take a look at the remaining comments on Wally Edge's site as well.

This is the politics of personal destruction, writ with every possible anonymous pen they can find. Here in New Jersey, it is starting a backlash. If there is any truth to the official behind-the-scenes connection between Forrester's campaign and Enlighten, then it is certainly well-deserved. If that backlash can gain a toehold here (and perhaps in Virginia as well); then perhaps there is hope for this democracy of ours.

We certainly deserve better.


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