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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Word Spreads

Martin Luther, when facing down the entire Catholic Church, reportedly came to the conclusion, "Either the Church is right, and I will spend eternity in damnation, or I am right, and the entire Church is wrong." By nailing his theses on the door of his church, he dramatically declared his opposition to a Church that had turned away from its eternal call and become entangled in secular power struggles and turf battles.

Today, we don't nail sheets of paper to the door. Rather, we tap-tap-tap our keyboards and tiny electrons carry our words to people hundreds, even thousands of miles away. Only three days ago, my colleagues and I revealed the Progressive Faith BlogCon. Already, the cry for renewal has begun to rise.

Truth and Beauty is cautious and skeptical, but interested, nonetheless.

Faithful Progressive finds room for support.

Musings of a Discerning Woman sees logistical problems, but provides her blessings.

Boy in the Bands is worried about our graphical abilities. rightly notes that I was less than all-inclusive in my original post (though I was in my head). Andrew, by the way, is helping with planning duties, and his insight has proven to be valuable.

Even the Devils Believe takes note.

Woodmoor Village is also in on the planning, and has some kind words of explanation as well.

Of course, Velveteen Rabbi (who takes inspiration from my favorite children's book) has also proven herself as a gifted partner in planning.

Mainstream Baptist is flying our banner, and assisting with the decision-making as an advisor.

Additionally, dozens of emails have already poured in, many with wonderful ideas that will take some time to implement. Thank you all.

"Come. Let us reason together."

(If you've been left out, please blame my imperfectability. It's a busy time of year for a number of reasons and my attention is being spread thin. My wife will tell you my AHDH is in massive overdrive (maybe hyper-drive). Too many ideas, not enough of me to chase down all the rabbits.)




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