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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pokin' Around the Blogosphere

The odd thing about blogging - or, more specifically, looking for blogs - is that you can miss some really good stuff that's right in front of you.

Thanks to Kety for pointing out this missed gem - and it isn't just because I took up the same subject/object.

I also found a very thoughtful blog dealing with the academia of Christianity.

Also the amusingly named Virushead

From north of the border comes Creative Conviction.

A "former" blog that is now a "magazine".

Also, Tennessee Guerilla Woman, Comments from Left Field, Black Feminism, and State of Qusan.

There are just so many blogs out there that it's impossible to find the best of the best (and I don't think traffic is a good indication of a good blog). So, here's my contribution for you guys to point you to a few that I didn't know were out there that I think are worth stopping by. I'm sure most of them get more traffic than I do, but that doesn't mean they don't need a few new readers, does it?


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