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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ridin' Herd on the Blogosphere

The blogosphere, as you well known, is full of the ''orneriest bunch of critters you ever did see. Here's a few that's worth seeing:

LA Mom heads up the herd with a post that harks back to Tuesdays post on the Phantom Professor. Do you hide your affluence-bigotry?

Random Ravings wonders why no one seems to care about new evidence that the case for invading Iraq was intentionally falsified. I wonder, too. Maybe it's just "old news" at this point, but it's still "old news" with new fatalities - and there's nothing trumped up about that.

Over at Off the Beaten Track, we find some notes from a Christian seeking better understanding of his own faith by understanding other faiths. Here's a link for practicing tolerance in the truest fashion possible.

Mainstream Baptist is picking up my bad habit of exposing the Religious Right as being neither. Take a look at what he has to say.

Talking Donkeys weighs in with the latest (to this point) on the "nuclear option". Also noted is the moral response of Calvin College over President Bush's planned speaking event. Hey, look what happens when you don't pre-screen your crowd, George!

Progressive Protestant, perhaps picking up on Mainstream Baptist's bad habit of exposing the Religious Right as being neither, has this post about biblical marriage. Guess what? It isn't what's being pushed on us. I know, big surprise (yawn)!

Tip 'o the hat to Tim Samoff for bringing some attention to emerging talent on the blogohorizon. Everyone can use a helping hand to get noticed, and I'm happy to pass along the link to Freethinking Faith.

The Master's Vision also gets noted by friendly advertising. Thanks to Gutless Pacifist. the outer... reminds us that Jesus looked for the forgotten, not the ones with the shiniest chariot.

The Mountaintop has found a reason to disagree with President Bush. Nice points,

Ono once again finds that conservatives are not happy unless they are victims of something. As I posted previously, if you feel out of place because your beliefs don't reflect reality, don't get mad when people tell you that your beliefs don't reflect reality.

The folks at Think Progress warn that we may become Argentina. Nah, we can't play soccer that well. Anyway, I take exception to listing people from theHeritage Foundation, The Brookings Institution, and Alan Greenspan as being "big thinkers from the left and the right". There's no left represented. Here's a hint: they all agreed that we had to cut back on government to save the economy.

A word of support goes out to Dave at The Grace Pages. It isn't easy to confront people you love with something you think will cost that love. It's good to hear that it didn't.

Josh Marshall has posted my thoughts exactly on the whole "nuclear option" business. It isn't nuclear, it isn't Constitutional, it's simply procedural - but that doesn't make it less important. Hint: the Constitution does not require that opposition roll over like a dog just because they are the minority. Majikthise takes this one on, as well. Check out Lawyers, Guns, and Money for a connection to John Cornyn.

Reverend Mommy gives us her view of God as well as giving us an idea what's going on in the world.

My latest guest post is up at Old Town Review Chronicles. Yes, it's still on Medicare B. Yes, I still think it's a good idea, and I've yet to hear one reason why it isn't. Am I really that scary to disagree with?

Tom DeLay (you didn't think I'd forget Tommy-boy did you?) is now being drawn into the web of Jack Abramoff and New Donkey puts a few more pieces in place for us. The Bull Moose catches the same story.

Economist's View worries about rising interest rates and who will replace Greenspan. I'm guessing.............(church lady voice) SATAN!?! Brad DeLong notes how the Right is already running down Paul Volker - who did more than Reagan to save the US economy in 1980.

Churchgal keeps the pressure on Dr. Hager. Good. I don't like rapists - even when it's "just" their wife.

To end on a high note (F sharp, with feeling) Wesley Blog pitches a new show to the networks.


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