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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Round-up All the News I want to Read

Where to start, where to start....

First the good news. With all the sickos running off with kids, here's a story with a happy ending.

As proof that John Paul didn't do everything so well, this story reminds us that there are still people in the church who are abusing their positions - as well as the ones who look to them for protection. The new Pope, following the lead of the old Pope, apparently is picking someone for his old job (reviewing these cases and "enforcing doctrine") who knows how to sweep things under the rug.

Keeping the tone heavy, we find the Lubbock Avalanche Journal tipping its hat to the village of Meadow, Texas for preserving their blacksmith shop. Notice the same hat is tipped to the people of Lamesa for taking over a for-profit theatre and running it as a community project. Who says the market follows the will of the people. Also note that they lead by disputing whether Norm Cash was really from Post or Justiceburg. Here's a map of the area so I can explain why this made me laugh. See, I know of Justiceburg as "that house on the left side of the road that has a flag pole - turn right there". If you follow the link above for Justiceburg, you'll see that as late as the 1990s, they had a thriving population of about seventy-five. Meadow, by way of comparison, is a bustling metropolis of some nearly six hundred people. No word on how many dogs and chickens, though. You gotta love little towns, man.

Remember May 11, 1970? No? You weren't in Lubbock then (I actually wasn't either, but it became part of the folk lore of my childhood). Honestly, though, I didn't know the civic center was built to commemorate the dead. It's a creepy idea to me - I mean, I used to go to dance to the Maines Brothers there and get mildly drunk. That was back before Natalie Maines was a Dixie Chick.

On to more deadly things, this story tells us that Army intelligence tracked some guy hoping that he would lead them to Osama, then decided it was better to throw a missile up his wazoo. Is it just me or is a missile a bit, um, excessive to go after one guy? The good news is that we have been successful in our recent offensive along the Syrian border. Except, of course, for the few that will not return home alive.

Glenn Reynolds of the Slate comes up with a good idea that he calls "Pounding on Pat" (Buchanan, of course). Apparently, Buchanan is saying that WWII was a mistake - which would explain President Bush's recent remarks about Yalta. Of course, Robertson's remarks were first printed in the unrecycled toilet paper of WorldNetDaily. Take it from me (or check it out yourself) if someone talks to you about what they read in WND, they are trying to indoctrinate you into the Anti-Biblical Paranoid Religious Right. Run, don't walk.

This is from the LA Times and it shows how the Anti-Biblical Paranoid Religious Right is trying to bring religious persecution to a cubicle near you. Maybe they want to turn corporate American into a shadow of the Air Force Academy.

From the "Charles Manson At-Home Course on the Sanctity of Human Life", Tom DeLay is now accusing Democrats of having "no class". What, did he just watch a rerun of Fat Albert? Yeah, this is the same function that The Daily DeLay heard through that scandal-mongering ABC NEWS that James Guckert attended. Guckert is the real name of soft-ball throwing gay prostitute Jeff Gannon. Would it be wrong to say this guy has more balls than Monica Lewinsky? Recently heard on Tom DeLay's wiretap, "Hello pot? This is the kettle. YOU'RE BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!"

Tim Russert is afraid that civility is dead in the Senate. Yeah, it's getting to where you can't even preen your gay whore without someone making a deal out of it. Soon it'll be just like the House. Must be the Democrats' fault. Yeah, they're the ones that are portraying honorably discharged veterans as traitors.

Someone please get this mental picture out of my head. This story with the picture of Bill Frist made me think, "Honey, where's my solid-gold cod piece?"."

Ever want to give a homeless man a drink? That's all this German official was doing. Just trying to help. Hey, the homeless guy had a skin condition, okay?

This little critter slipped out of the herd yesterday. Basically someone is upset because Howard Dean is supporting Bernie Sanders run for the Vermont Senate seat. This guy believes that the "I" next to Bernie's name (sorry, but when I say "Sanders" I think "Colonel") stands for "socialist". They also take issue with Jon Corzine for such things as voting in support of categories like: "to check corporate power", "health care", and "fair taxation". Yep, those damn socialists want to make this country more egalitarian. Where did they get an anti-American idea like that? "All men are created equal"? Obviously, Jefferson had just finished reading something French when he penned that. Actually, the thrust is to characterize "progressives" as "socialists" so they can then jump to "communists" and "anti-American". I'd call them a bunch of dumb goons, but they have the majority.

Since the Bush Administration has claimed credit for Syria's pullout from Lebanon, I wonder if they'll credit their Afghanistan policy for the unrest in Uzbekistan? If Uzbekistan sounds familiar, it's because they are our partner is the "war on terror". Can someone explain why the terror in Uzbekistan always comes from the government, though? Here's some background on the matter.

Rep. Robert Wexler is taking President Bush at his word. The fool. He's actually proposing a real fix for Social Security. This just in - Wexler targeted for defeat by the RNC.

Kwasi Mfume is the latest political hopeful to have his history examined with a fine toothed comb. There seems to be some grain of truth in the story. As with local Jersey City politico Steve Lipski, Mfume deserves a fair investigation to clear him name.

For my brother, who is a member of a union, I bring up this story about the decline of union jobs. Bro, tell them about helping the people who need it the most and maybe they can tackle two problems at once. See, if illegal aliens (let's not be cute - if Mexicans looking for jobs in the US) were guaranteed labor representation and a fair wage, don't you think there would be a lot less abuse of them? Don't you think they'd appreciate SOMEONE to tell Senior Biff that he can't work them like a dog?

The evil internet catches up with a Harris County official. That's why they don't want municipal wifi in Texas?

Wonder how President Bush could claim to be a "uniter, not a divider"? Here's a lesson in bipartisanship from Texas. See he included Rabid Republicans and Not-Quite-So-Rabid-Republicans. That's almost as BI as Jeff Gannon at a Tom DeLay salute!

Did you know the FBI keeps tabs on judges? Harry Reid does. Republicans want to throw him out of the Senate for it. Yeah, right. It couldn't be that Reid makes Republicans look like the back-stabbing, power-grabbing, paranoid anti-biblical religious right hacks that they are. Nope. It's because he mentioned the existence of a file.

Yeah, Democrats are just stirring up trouble so they can be obstructionist. That's why they want corporations to have as much trouble declaring bankruptcy as Republicans want normal folks to have. This story deals with a Democrat that - can you believe the scandal? - doesn't think airlines should be able to back out of their retirement contracts. The bastards. Obviously, they're socialists. I bet this guy sits next to Bernie (not colonel) Sanders.

Here's a story that makes John Cornyn's heart thump in anticipation. I'm taking bets here: When Chief Justice Rehnquist goes on life support, will Cornyn crow about "a culture of life" and try to keep the plug in or will he explain that "violence against federal judges is understandable" and pull the plug?

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Il is cackling about his nuclear weapons. This story is an eye-opener (well, if you've had your eyes super-glued shut) about what a nuclear North Korea might mean.

This story hints that there might be more than simple apathy behind lagging voter turnout. Is their any way we can claim humanity is a special interest group and form a PAC so we can get our issues before the people that work, um, in our interest? There's something wrong with that statement somewhere...

More activist judges are reported here. These judges are so activist that they believe even gay people are protected by law.

Well, that's enough thinking for one day. Now I'm off to see "Kingdom of Heaven". That movie should single handedly convince Muslims that we aren't opening a new era of crusades.


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