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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Riding Herd on the Blogosphere

Jump in the saddle, Buckeroos! It's time to wrassle down that ornery bloggy critter!

Lest we forget that it is soldiers who bear the brunt of war and soldiers who have the most at risk, stop by Veterans for Peace. Take a look at Operation Truth for some first-hand reasons why we should demand better of our leadership. Open your eyes with the human cost of war at Iraq War Casualites.

Mr. Snitch talks a bit about the Hoboken political scene. For a bit of explanation, Mr. Snitch supported Scott DeLea as an independent voice on the City Council. DeLea did very well for himself and had a respectable showing for a candidate with no outside support. It seems that DeLea is a bit worried that Carol Marsh may view him as an opponent, but I've seen no indication of that from anyone at the HQ. Hey Snitch, tell Scott to stop by and have a cup of coffee. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if there are any hard feelings, it's due more to a misunderstanding of what both sides are trying to accomplish.

Mr. Snitch seems underwhelmed by my level of political understanding. That's cool. I don't claim to know everything. I would protest that I did not "thrust" anything upon him. I emailed an invitation to join a webring, which he could have declined, but chose to accept. The post is a bit duplicitous, though. He appears to be against the political machinery, but also protests those like Marsh (and the deceased former mayor of Jersey City Glenn Cunningham) who are in opposition to the machine. Apparently he doesn't like my support of both Marsh and Jon Corzine. Ok. Fine. But supporting Jon Corzine is not de facto supporting the Hudson County Democrats. His hint that Carol is a closeted Republican is just ludicrous. When did wanting more parks and better fiscal responsibility get one thrown out of the Democratic Party? Please, don't beleive everything Dave Roberts tells you. Honestly, lets have that cup of coffee and talk about this.

If you want a more detailed picture of international relations, take a look at Armies of Liberation.

Cripes, Suzette! finishes up a week long series on Nurses Week. Suzette, I'm glad there's people like you. We need more.

Steve Hart (still no relation) talks about how the journalistic profession, being dominated by multinational for-profit business, is just about worthless these days.

More stuff against Wal-Mart is found at Labor Blog. I've seen Wal-Mart close down whole counties. Remember when they were the only place that refused to sell anything not "Made in America"? Wow, times really have changed. Think Progress wonders why Wal-Mart is pushing pictures of Nazis burning books.

New Jersey Common Cause is still working to get big money out of politics. Take a look around and see how you can help.

I saw this story on CNN, but Professor Kim actually blogged it. Not to second-guess the officers, but 120 shots to take down one guy seems a little over-the-top, no?

Barefoot and Naked bemourns the loss of Proposition 1 in Dallas.

Kuff is worried that the bill authorizing municipal wifi services is going to die in the Texas Lege. Yeah, we wouldn't want anyone to have cheap access to the vile internet. Then they'd be able to see all the stuff Republicans want to ban.

Josh Marshall informs us of Senator Frist's shoe debacle. Notice that it's a totally different debacle than that of Nancy Pelosi.

Faithful Progressive moves to the Christian Alliance for Progress. It looks like a good idea to me. Why should the right dictate what we talk about, how we talk about it, and when we talk about it? Christianity has much more to do with social justice - such as feeding the hungry, housing the poor, and respecting our community - than it does stopping abortions.

Preacher Mom wonders what feeds your soul?

Did you hear the one about the Pope threatening China? Majikthise isn't joking. She's right in pointing out the similarities in the American Religious Right's pursuit of secular power and the Vatican demanding an emissary from China. Maybe the Pope should hear about how China treats the Falun Gong before he demands equal treatment.

Lest we forget our own sin, No More Apples reminds us that the best way to win the war on terror might not be to desecrate their religious heritage.

JMT at Old Town Review Chronicles passes along a humorous letter posted on the internet to President Bush. I'm curious. What does a $1800 puzzle look like?

See the Forest brings up the topic of spent nuclear fuel versus spent fossil fuel. (cough, cough) I'll read it when the truck outside my window moves on and I can breathe again.

DLW at The Anti-Manicheist invites everyone to an online conference of progressives. Just passing it along, that's all.

He also brings up the issue of faith based activism. Like I've been saying for a long time - if Democrats cannot articulate a moral imperative, they will continue to lose moral voters. Notice I did not say they don't already have one - they do - they just don't know how to say it.

Donkey Rising hits my other long-time pet-peeve about Democrats - the lack of an economic message to the middle class (particularly the White middle class). The rush to the "vital middle" was totally stupid once everyone forgot that the "vital middle" is mostly concerned with the economics of taking care of their family and their future.

Here's an idea from South Dakota about "values" politics. Thanks to Thune Watch for the chuckle. Thanks to the bonehead commenter "doug" who wrote, "You must be scared stiff. If the goverment subsidised economy that EAFB creates, leaves, your party will shrink in numbers. Now I understand your true concern." That should make everyone vote for Thune next time.

From the "Even Monica wasn't this obvious" department, we get this post at Think Progress wondering why Jeff Gannon is still pumping support for Republicans (no pun intended, really). Thanks to Josh Marshall for not letting it die.

Rest easy, buckeroos. Happy Trails 'til we meet again.


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