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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Round-up - All the News that Caught my Eye

Congratulations are in order for Steve Lipski - who just won re-election to the Jersey City City Council. Now maybe he can come clean about his school's funding problems. Maybe he is a victim here. Yeah, he's a victim of hiring his wife after she was fired so she can get a better compensation package. He's also a victim of Staples delivering school furnishings to his private club. Oh yeah, he's also a victim of his own mouth when he states, "But were [the improprieties] criminal or are they moral? And I would say absolutely not." Ok, Jersey City should be proud of its Councilman who is an immoral non-criminal.

This story begs the question: how many votes is an extra wife worth?

We'd ask Jesus for help, but he can't even get out of court enough to take his own name in vain. Word is when he stubs his toe, he screams, "ME! ME! ME!"

Because the name "Nixon" just screams "family values", Ed Cox, Tricky Dick's son-in-law is planning on taking out Hillary - and not on a date.

Another sign that it isn't just homosexuals that should fear the tyranny of the immoral Anti-Biblical Religious Right, this story shows that even heterosexual couples are being bashed by the morality brigade. Santa Claus won't even need a list if this keeps up, he'll just use the Republican Party members list.

While both Parties are claiming to champion the middle class, it might help to get a better picture of what "middle class" means.

In yet another reversal of Bush policy the Treasury will once again begin releasing 30 year T bills. Wow. Once again, Bush's policies have proven totally ineffective. I suppose you can't be a flip-flopper if you're always wrong. Consistently inconsistent, you know.

A creative reminder of why the President suddenly looks incompentant. Yeah, and the Ice Age was a real shocker, too. Watch out for that rampaging glacier.

This is a reminder that campaign finance reform really has only begun.

Speaking of unethical - did someone say Tom DeLay? Find out how much your Representative owes - literally - to the Bug Man.

Down in Texas, Chris Bell spoke up on the increasing reality of video violence this week. While I believe adults should be able to buy whatever games they want, Bell is right that it should be criminal to make a child's game out of assassinating the President.

The Mustachioed Maverick John Bolton may actually get a vote on going to the UN. No word on which no-bid contract will award the generic Republican backing contractor who gets to tear down the UN.

If workers are the backbone of the middle class - whatever that is (see story above) - then the mad chiropractor is trying to wrench a vertebrae out.

Yet another part of the Bush Administration has remembered that it has been paying for propaganda. This time, it's the Department of Agriculture that is paying to have its policies praised. How much of this has to happen before it becomes a pattern of criminal behavior? I'd say we passed that mark long ago. Let's not let the publications off the hook, though. The authors of these works refused payment because they'd already been paid once. The editors knew. For some reason, the word "conspiracy to defraud" comes to mind.

Here is a reminder - and some encouragement - to all us grassroots organizers. The political machine of LA was bad enough to literally have several books written about it.

From the Army, we find out that one of the reasons they can't meet their quotas is that they abuse their recruits. Giving the recruiters a day off should make everything better.

Maybe one of the international readers can explain what this means. A 48 hour maximum work week? On call paid as regular working time? Man, I would be a millionaire - or at least a thousandaire - if that were in force here.

Can you imagine oil demand rising? Oh yeah. More obvious news is found here.

Did anyone know that medical care was a problem? More glaciers continue bearing down on unsuspecting masses here. Unfortunately, the masses here are little kids that are sick and there's nothing funny about that.

Federal courts decide today that the people of the United States have no business demanding what their leaders are doing. Good thing Sadam's in jail. Now we can make democracy safe for secrecy.

Trying to decide exactly what shade of purple the red and blue states might be is a decent exercise. Find out where you are here. Here's a big surprise - I'm a Liberal.

Here's a story that claims filibustering in the Senate is a Pyrric victory - which assumes there's a victory. Here's another that reminds people that such rhetoric would be true if it were not the leading edge of an extremist political agenda.


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