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Friday, December 09, 2005

Other Voices, Other Rooms

At the age of 23, Truman Capote burst onto the literary scene with his first novel Other Voices, Other Rooms. The novel was not intentionally autobiographical, but Capote stated that writing the coming-of-age story of a young man-to-be among carnies, emotionally distant relatives, and closeted homosexuals helped him exorcise some person demons and its success gave him a clear purpose in his life.

I chose the title of this post because, it seems, that some generation of Americans are always "coming-of-age". Suddenly (or not) they become aware of the hidden promises of democracy - and they come to grips with our legacy of falling too far short of those ideas. In this respect, America is always "becoming" and never quite finished. It is a self-actualizing country that all too often must take significant steps back and gather itself before it can push ahead again.

NJ Congressman Rush Holt is pushing ahead in a federal ban on voter intimidation and by moving forward on verified voting. How did this man NOT get named as Jon Corzine's replacement in the US Senate?

It is a national shame that we do not have any way to guarantee our democratic voting rights. The need is obvious. Help this group of bloggers protect democracy

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Meanwhile, voices continue to be raised in support of the ProgFaithBlogCon. Thank you's to CrossLeft, Mainstream Baptist, Real Live Preacher, Velveteen Rabbi, Woodmoor Village, Reverend Mommy, Grateful Bear (who has a very cool hipster cat), the Shalom Center,, Think Buddha, Eternal Peace, Nomadic Fusion, the Cassandra Pages, Social Justice Coalition, The Corner, No More Apples, Father Jake Stops the World, Sententiae Et Clamores, Just a Bump in the Beltway, Boy in the Bands, Feminary, Hoarded Ordinaries, Another Country, The Zen Society, Baraita and Even the Devils Believe.

Growing up is never easy. It always means you have to look at things about yourself that you don't like. For Capote, that meant the latent homosexuality (that may or may not have ever bloomed). For those of us who believe in Democracy, it means finding a way to make sure votes are counted. For those of us for whom our faith guides us away from the Religious Right, it means creating a public voice and greater understanding among ourselves.

Come, let us reason together.

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