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Monday, May 23, 2005

Blowin' my own Horn - and Eating my Words

As you may have noticed, I've been doing a little restructuring of the website. As of yet, I'm not satisfied, which means I'll change a few more things before I'm through. One thing is the google ads on the top of the page. Click on them, spend all your money, and let me retire to the Caymans. Okay, hurry, I'm holding my breath here.

The other is the links to the Ridin' Herd on the Blogosphere and the Roundin' Up the News blogs. I felt like the two features were overtaking this space and pulling me off of my target. But I liked putting them up and have had a good response to them. So, they are now semi-independent. Hope you enjoy.

Now for the part I don't like:

Earlier today I put up a post concerning some allegations of back-room dealing by Jon Corzine in the mayoral race in Hoboken. After I got the same story from a few places, I basically let my anger get the best of me and put up some rather negative statements. The Corzine campaign was kind enough to return my calls and spent a significant amount of time exploring the rumors I had been hearing.

What I got was a lot better information on what was going on in Hoboken. The result is that I have some compelling testimony from both sides and the whole things seems to be based on nothing. It seemed to me that the only fair thing to do was to remove the post and explain myself here.

So now, here I sit, scratching my head and wondering how anyone can really tell what's going on. Honestly - you can't. Here's what I am sure of:

Jon Corzine is officially neutral in the Hoboken mayoral race. As a resident, he obviously has some private hopes, but he is keeping those private. That is his right.

Jon Corzine has known David Roberts for some time and considers him a friend. He contributed to his campaign in the past, but has not done so during this election cycle.

The Senator has not been trying to get votes for David Roberts, either through direct contact with voters, local politicians, or any other means.

That's where things stand now.


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