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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Elections Up-date Up-date

OK, I finally got the real story on the elections. In Jersey City, Ward A will have a run-off for their single-member seat. Michael Sottolano will face Karen DeSoto. Sottolano won just short of the majority necessary to avoid a run-off.

In Hoboken, all three at-large City Council seats will go to a run-off. This pits Carol Marsh's Team Hoboken - Tony Soares, Ines Keim Garcia, and Brian Urbano - against David Roberts team - Ruben Ramos, Jr., Terry LaBruno, and Peter Cammarano.

I was correct, however, in pointing out that Carol Marsh and David Roberts will face each other in the mayoral run-off. Roberts only managed to pull in 36% of the vote - which is not good at all for an encumbant with the support of the County Democratic Party. Carol Marsh won just slightly less than thirty percent of the vote - which is incredible for a grassroots campaign.

Five weeks from now, a run-off will take place. If you haven't already, click on Carol's picture and donate ten or twenty bucks. Help make America safe for democracy - who knows when you may need someone to return the favor...


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